The process ensures a safe ride for all. Getting you to your design destination. And a story about the bell hop.

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  1. Listen & Learn

    Tell me everything about yourself. Think of me as your creative therapist. My goal is to completely understand your expectations by getting every detail, question, and idea out in the open. I’ll also listen to what your brand says, compare it with competitors, and perform an assessment of your existing equity in your field.

  2. Analyze & Plan

    Now that I know everything about you, I can make a plan that takes into consideration all of your established goals and requirements. Depending on the project, I’ll develop wireframes, mood boards, and some sketches to help communicate my strategy. This is done before any design is started to ensure we’re in sync.

  3. Design/Creation

    Once we’ve worked together building a sturdy foundation I can start the design. This phase is essential to forming your brand and/or giving your company it’s own unique style. Initial concepts are created to form a comprehensive theme using selected key elements.

  4. Refine, Refine, Refine

    Constructive criticism is a key aspect of your experience. I strive to be the most detail-oriented designer out there, but that doesn’t always mean we’ll see eye-to-eye on everything. I feel that more input, good or bad, will create a better product. A constant dialogue will ensure you’re getting what you want.

  5. The Build

    Design relies on functionality. If a design functions poorly then it’s not good design. I pride myself on keeping current with all types of production. Whether you are building a web site or producing a magazine, my technical expertise and ability to communicate will make certain that “form follows function.”

  6. The Finish Line?

    Once a project is finished, it doesn’t mean the work stops. If I did my job right, you’ll be more busy than before. Depending on the project, I’ll ensure you have the tools necessary to monitor and track your new baby. Creating better communication with your audience is just another way of me saying – Congrats!

Stay smart, stay nimble, and I’ll keep the ideas moving.

Sometimes you need a lift, a pick me up, or an idea – well, that’s what I do. Over the years I’ve taken clients to new levels. No matter what type of work, it’s always been our pleasure to open a client’s eyes and help them get a better view of their surroundings. I enjoy the process of learning about your unique view and telling you about mine. There is never a need to feel stuck on the ground floor – ELEV8TOR is here to give you a lift.

ELEV8TOR is Chris Carlozzi

Over the past ten years I’ve worked with some pretty big clients via some well-known design firms. Leaving as an Art Director made me think I might be able to do this on my own. Self-trained and always wanting more, I felt my clients could benefit from my variety of skills. You can get to know me a little better by following me on some of my other sites.

Services Provided

  • • Branding/Identity, Icon Design, Type Design, and Illustration
  • • Websites, Blogs, Mobile Platforms, and Application Design
  • • Interface Development and Information Architecture
  • • Print Design, Packaging, Collateral, and Advertising


  • • Print Magazine 2005
  • • How Magazine 2006
  • • Featured on MacThemes 2009
  • • Shown on WineTV 2009